DSL on a Compaq LTE 5280


  1. Create DSL boot floppy and test CD drive
    1. If CD drive works, proceed with burning an ISOLINUX version of DSL and use the standard boot floppy method.
    2. If CD drive doesn't work, follow the floppy only install method.

Linux / Windows parity1

$ md5sum "dsl-4.4.10 parts/*"
> fciv -add "dsl-4.4.10 parts" -wp -md5 

$ md5sum "dsl-4.4.10 parts/*" > comp.md5; diff "dsl-4.4.10 parts.md5" comp.md5
> fciv -v -bp "dsl-4.4.10 parts" -xml "dsl-4.4.10 parts.fciv"


1 fciv is downloadable via Microsoft KB 841290

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