For all of you folks actually considering voting for the socialist Bernie Sanders... Here's the problem. Socialism is all about the government giving everyone everything for free. What people don't realize is that the government has nothing to give. ANYTHING the government gives out for free was taken from someone else by force through taxation or some other means. So, in order for the government to give everyone everything, it has to take everything from someone. Since trying to take from citizens in another country is an act of war, they have to take it from their own citizens. Well, when the government takes everything from everyone and distributes it evenly, making a profit no longer matters. I mean, what good does it do to work harder if it's all taken away? So eventually, the folks who were producing simply stop. The government can't take what isn't being produced, so they go broke. But by that point, they are OBLIGATED to continue giving everyone everything for free. But they don't have it to give. The economy goes into the toilet. The masses starve. The government is at risk of being overthrown by starving masses with nothing to lose. What's the solution? They COULD simply print money and pump it into the banks (to pay the people) and into the markets to try and shore up the economy. But that won't work. See, what is money? Money is NOT gold. Money is currency. It is units of barter. Work tokens. I work for x amount of time in exchange for x amount of work tokens to trade for goods and services like food, gasoline, or to pay my bills. When a government simply floods it's markets with printed up currency, there's no backing for it and inflation soars. In other words, since it's all free money, and the stores (for example) use this currency to buy from their suppliers which HAVE to be foreign (because nobody is producing anymore) and the foreign sources know it's not backed by any real form of capital, they can charge whatever they want because the people buying it have no choice but to pay. In NAZI Germany, inflation grew so high that a loaf of bread costs millions of Deutchmarks. People were getting paid twice a day, or more, so they could run down to the store and buy food before the prices inflated again. So, you see... printing worthless paper currency is not the answer. They have to morph into one of the branches of socialism (communism, fascism, etc.) which means a totalitarian government. This new form of government has to FORCE it's citizens to produce. And they have to produce as cheaply as possible. The government still has nothing to give as of yet, so in order to make it work, they have to institute some form of government-sanctioned slavery. The government gets free labor and the population they have to cater to shrinks. See how that works? (Hitler had the Jews in his concentration camps and Stalin had his political dissidents in the gulags) Whatever the minority and whatever the "reason", it HAS to happen for the "greater good". Otherwise, the country goes to crap and the people in power are ousted. They also have to eliminate every "worthless eater" they can. That means the old, the disabled, the mentally challenged... anyone who cannot be put to work or who isn't being productive in some way. The NAZIs euthanized millions. But even then, at most, all that will happen is to stave off the inevitable for a while. Eventually, the government will fall and the people will find some other form of government to use. The sad part is that by then, millions upon millions of innocent people will have already been worked to death in the labor camps. The term for that is democide. Death by government. Socialism, in all of it's forms, has been responsible for more than 150 million deaths, each one a precious human being, through democide in the last century alone. And keep in mind, this does not count soldiers dying on a battlefield. This is just innocent people being murdered by their own governments out of convenience. If you think I'm wrong, do your research. The NAZI party of Germany in WWII was the National Socialist Workers Party. It was a labor union. They morphed into fascism under Adolph Hitler. The Communist USSR was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. We fought the cold war against them. They were led by Joseph Stalin who also started out as a labor union leader. So think about this before you cast your ballot for Bernie Sanders. He talks a good game. He's telling folks everything they want to hear. But every time someone tries to make socialism work it costs millions of innocent and precious lives before they come to realize it was a mistake. Let's not repeat the mistakes of the past. Instead, let's learn from them.

Last modified on 06 Feb 2016 at 03:07:04 PM EST ET